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Academic Advising for Students

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Important Dates & Deadlines
Who is My Adviser?
Find Your Adviser on: APAS Report | Graduation Planner


Year Guide - 3rd Year / Junior

Testing Career Decision

  • Check your APAS again, to make sure you are on track for graduation.
  • Meet with your academic adviser to review and confirm that you have an acceptable plan to complete all requirements for graduation.
  • Get to know faculty, counselors, administrators, and career advisers.
  • Begin to combine reality testing with values and skills assessment.
  • Speak with faculty in your program about current trends in the field and current employment opportunities.
  • Start checking with the Career Center about starting your placement file, attending workshops about applying for jobs, and investigating potential employers on-line and reviewing the entire wall of displays in the Career Center dedicated to identifying and posting employment opportunities.


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