Students requesting accommodations must identify themselves to the Disability Resource Center. To verify eligibility, documentation must be provided that clearly indicates the presence of a disability on the pursuit of post-secondary education, and justification of the need for accommodations. A diagnosis alone (e.g. "learning disabled") is not sufficient to support a request for accommodations. The coordinator will determine eligibility for services based on the quality of the submitted documentation.

The student and the coordinator will review the disability documentation and determine reasonable accommodations for each course. At times, faculty for specific courses are also consulted about accommodation strategies in their respective areas. Once the accommodation plan is agreed to, it will be distributed with the consent of the student, generally via email, to specific faculty. Students are encouraged to submit documentation and meet with the coordinator as early as possible each semester.  

If changes to the accommodation plan are needed, students should immediately contact the coordinator. 

The University is not obligated to retroactively address problems related to a lack of disability documentation, or documentation that is not timely.