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Residence Hall Policies

Students are considered adults and University-student relations are founded on this principle. All residence hall students are governed by the University Student Conduct Code. The regulations and the judicial process by which a case is heard and settled are described in the code itself. The regulations which follow pertain specifically to residence hall living, whenever you are on the grounds or within the residence hall system. If you violate any of these regulations, your case will be handled by the University, either through an administrative process or through a student judicial board.

Any student offense not covered by residence hall regulations which would endanger the safety or well-being of other residents or the residence hall system (e.g., tampering with mechanical or fire alarm/safety systems, disorderly conduct, weapons) could result in your interim suspension from the residence hall or relocation to another residence hall.

Specific regulations that pertain to residence hall living in particular, and that allow for local adjudication through administrative processes or student judicial board are outlined below.

Download and view the 2014-2015 Residential Life Handbook PDF Icon, which contains information on Alcohol Policy Violations Sanctions, Controlled Substance Policies, Rights & Responsibilities, Guests, Disruptive Behavior/Disorderly Conduct, Fire Regulating and Fire Alarms, Weapons, Room Door Posting Policy, Pets, Hazardous Appliances, P2P (Peer to Peer) Policy, Residence Hall Printers, No Smoking Policy, Illegal Entry, Screens, Identification, Tampering, Public Areas, Unauthorized Possession, Parking Permits, Keys/Security Keys, Soliciting, Personal Items, Lofting Beds, Kitchen Facilities, Restroom Facilities, Snowmobiles, and Sleep/Study Atmosphere.




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Attention new & returning students! Fall Semester is right around the corner! Pl...
Attention new & returning students! Fall Semester is right around the corner! Please note the following information...

Residence halls will open for new students on Friday, August 22nd at 8:00 am. After arriving on-campus, please check-in at Centennial Hall for your key and additional housing information. If you arrive after the front desk is closed, please call 218-289-0604 for check-in assistance. A housing contract and $50 application fee is required from an admitted student in order to be placed in on campus housing.

New students: If you need additional time for housing check-in,we offer an early check-in time on Thursday, August 21st from 4:00pm-9:00pm. Please contact our office to make prior arrangements at 218-281-8531 or email

Returning students may move into the halls on Sunday, August 24th beginning at 12:00 pm. A housing contract and $50 application fee is required in order to be placed in on campus housing. Fall Student Athletes: Please contact your coach for information regarding pre-season move-in.

Any students needing to arrive any earlier than the dates listed above must register in advance and pay a nightly fee which can be charged to the student's account. Please call Residential Life at 218-281-8531 for more information or email