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Security & Safety

Student Safety Tips

Lock your room at all times.
Whether it is "just for a minute" to visit someone down the hall or go to the bathroom, or it is for a longer period of time, an unlocked door provides an easy opportunity for theft. Also, lock your door before you go to sleep to insure you and your roommate have a safe space to sleep.  Remember, it takes less than thirty seconds to have something taken from your room. A security key will open the outside doors to each respective residence hall.

Close and lock your window when you are away.
This protects your belongings from both theft and inclement weather.

Don't leave your computer, books, backpack, or wallet unattended
Library study tables, cafeterias, laundry room, and study lounges are not always as "safe" as they might seem.  Someone might not be able to afford the textbook you left at the table while you went to the bathroom. And never leave money sitting out anywhere (even on your desk in your room). Make sure to be particularly aware at the end of each semester as theft rates always increase at this time.

Lock you car.
And do not leave valuable items such as cameras, wallets, or large numbers of CDs in plain sight or on the seats. Window shopping thieves don't care if they break your car windows.

Remember to:


Safe Walk/Campus Escort

The Department of Residential Life/Security Services offers the service of Safe Walk Escort to all students, staff and faculty. A Safe Walk Escort can be obtained by calling 218-289-0604 or 218-289-0605 from 8:00 pm - 12:00 midnight.


Emergency 911 - Blue Lights

Phones available around campus.


Parental Notification Policy

The Director of Residential Life or designee may notify the parents or legal guardians' of students when the health and well being of a student is determined to be at risk. See more of Parental Notification Policy >>>


Prevention Information for Acquaintance Rape

Date Rape Prevention Advice to Men:


Date Rape Prevention Advice for Women:


Sexual Assault


Emergency Numbers

Dial 9 before phone number if you are using a campus phone


Victim Services/N.W. Mental Health

Crookston Police Department

Crookston Fire Department

Senior CA Cell Phone
(between 8 pm - 8 am)




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Attention new & returning students! Fall Semester is right around the corner! Pl...
Attention new & returning students! Fall Semester is right around the corner! Please note the following information...

Residence halls will open for new students on Friday, August 22nd at 8:00 am. After arriving on-campus, please check-in at Centennial Hall for your key and additional housing information. If you arrive after the front desk is closed, please call 218-289-0604 for check-in assistance. A housing contract and $50 application fee is required from an admitted student in order to be placed in on campus housing.

New students: If you need additional time for housing check-in,we offer an early check-in time on Thursday, August 21st from 4:00pm-9:00pm. Please contact our office to make prior arrangements at 218-281-8531 or email

Returning students may move into the halls on Sunday, August 24th beginning at 12:00 pm. A housing contract and $50 application fee is required in order to be placed in on campus housing. Fall Student Athletes: Please contact your coach for information regarding pre-season move-in.

Any students needing to arrive any earlier than the dates listed above must register in advance and pay a nightly fee which can be charged to the student's account. Please call Residential Life at 218-281-8531 for more information or email