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Community Advisers

Your Neighbor, Your Mentor, Your Guide

A Community Adviser (CA) lives in your community and will assist you in making the transition to college life. Their purpose is to serve as an adviser for activities as well as a consultant for individual and personal questions and concerns. CA's are chosen after an extensive application process and comprehensive training. At least three CA’s are on duty in the halls every evening from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. The names of individual CA’s and the Senior CA cell phone number (218-289-0604) are posted in every hall.

On top of being a mentor, your CA will plan educational, cultural, and recreational programs, and other exciting activities for students on their floor as well as larger programs for all of the halls. Residential Life also sponsors weekend activities, providing students with the opportunity to be social while becoming more familiar with the surrounding area. Some of the activities included midnight dodgeball, free movie nights at the grand theatre, shopping trips to the Mall of America and community service projects.

Our Area Coordinators also live on campus and are full-time university employees and college graduates. The Community Area Coordinators supervise the CA staff and support you throughout the year.


Fall 2015 

UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Timilehin Adeniyi  UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Abby Sawatzke  UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Dominique Mueller
Timilehin Adeniyi, Sr. CA
Centennial Hall, 1st  Floor
Abby Sawatzke
Centennial Hall, 2nd Floor
Dominique Mueller
Evergreen Hall, 1st Floor
UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Chad O'Shea  UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Drew McDurmin  UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Delaney Kohorst
Chad O'Shea
Evergreen Hall, 2nd Floor
Drew McDurmin
Heritage Hall, 1st Floor S
Delaney Kohorst
Heritage Hall, 1st Floor W
UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Bradley Lind UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Joshua Anderson
UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Alexander Elliott
Bradley Lind
Heritage Hall, 2nd Floor S
Joshua Anderson
Heritage Hall, 2nd Floor W
Alexander Elliott, Sr. CA
McCall Hall, 1st Floor
UMC Res Life Community Adviser - You Bin Lee
UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Ndidi Kerr UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Joe Fey
You Bin "Vickie" Lee
McCall Hall, 2nd & 3rd Floor
Ndidiamaka Kerr
Skyberg Hall, 1st Floor A
Joe Fey
Skyberg Hall, 2nd Floor A
UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Jeff Knack

Jeff Knack
Skyberg Hall, 1st & 2nd Floor C



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