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Community Adviser Forms

Below are forms for Community Advisers at the University of Minnesota, Crookston.

Community Adviser Floor Budget PDF Icon
Budget sheets for each floor 2013-14 to be filled out by Residential Life Community Advisers.

Time Off Request Form Microsoft Word Icon
Time off requests are to turn in a hard copy to the A.D. mail box 48 hours in advance.

Outside Time Commitment Form Microsoft Word Icon
All time commitments combined should not exceed 15 hours a week.

Roommate Talking Points and Agreement FormPDF Icon
Be honest about your thoughts and ideas. Good roommates don't have to be best friends. Understand your housing policies and guidelines.

Roommate Contract and Processes for Resolving IssuesPDF Icon
We might think that communicating honestly and directly will make things worse. The truth is...when we avoid talking, things are more likely to get worse! Follow the steps in this document to work together and resolve the issue.



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