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Ann Baek - Community Adviser

UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Ann Baek

Ann Baek
Evergreen Hall, 1st Floor

Hello everyone, my name is Ann Baek, from Seoul, South Korea. I am so excited to be a CA for Evergreen 1st floor. I am a senior majoring in Health Science and Biology. My minor, Chemistry, is my favorite subject. If anyone needs my help, let me know! My dream is to work in the hospital for many patients who need my help. I came to Crookston at fall 2011. During three years, I have traveled Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, California, Nevada, and Mexico. I am planning to travel to all states in USA! The reason why I try to travel a lot is to understand more people who have different backgrounds. I love listening to people and talk. I am ready to meet you! Are you ready? ?:)

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