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Dabitna Chung - Community Adviser

UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Dabitna Chung

Dabitna Chung
Skyberg Hall - 2nd Floor C

 Hello, everybody!
My name is Dabitna Chung. “Dabitna(???)”means “shines everything” in Korean. I am from South Korea, who got 5th in the 2012 London Olympics with 28 medals. I am studying Early Childhood Education at UMC because I love children and in the future I plan to make educational programs fun for kids. One of my dream goals for my life is to help and do volunteer work for children in developing countries. I like watching movies as my favorites are “The clockwork orange”, “Black Swan,” and “The Notebook.” I also like listening to music. I like Eric Benet, Al Green and Norah Jones’ songs. I became the new Community Advisor of the second floor of Skyberg- C wing for this semester. I am very excited and passionate about my new job. I really want to help my residents enjoy living and make good friendships with them. I like helping people and sharing stories. So whenever you need help or want to talk to somebody, feel free to come visit me! I will be there for you!