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Sumin "Nicki" Gwak - Community Adviser

UMC Res Life Community Adviser - Nicki Gwak 

Sumin "Nicki" Gwak
Heritage Hall 2nd Floor S

Hello, everyone! My name is Nicki, Sumin Gwak. People usually call me Nicki. I am from Korea and it has been three years since I came to the US!! I am a senior majoring in Communication emphasis on organizational communication and public relations at this small but lovely UMC. I am interested in politics, volunteering, music, movies, sports and fashion. If you have any interest same as mine, you are welcome to come and talk to me!! I really like to talk about these with others and share our ideas. :) Also, I am willing to help you out when you need my help, so please let me know anything you would like to know or anything you need. I am very excited to be a CA for wonderful residents in UMC! I am looking forward to meeting you and making Heritage hall happy every day!


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