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For-EverGREEN - Evergreen Hall's LEED Certification Information


Over 99,000 plastic bottles were saved by using Bolyu carpet in Evergreen Hall. The University of Minnesota, Crookston has signed an agreement with Bolyu to send all recycled plastic bottles collected on campus back to their manufacturing plant to reuse in their Nexterra carpet backing.

Building a new Residence Hall at the University of Minnesota, Crookston campus became a necessity in the fall of 2008, due to campus enrollment increases and the high demand for on-campus housing. This high demand precipitated the residential life department to convert floor lounges into student housing, to triple and quadruple room occupancies, as well as, retain a off-campus 12 unit student apartment complex in downtown Crookston.

In planning for a new residence hall, "Building Green", reducing the carbon footprint and addressing environmental concerns of students and group living, was a priority for the Residential Life department. Integrating sustainable components and building materials became the goal. Encouraged by student participation, the University of Minnesota, Crookston has registered for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This will be the first University of Minnesota LEED certified Residence Hall. Environmentally responsible design incorporated into this residence Hall raises awareness, challenges, and suggests new ways of boldly living sustainable.



Buildings consume 40% of raw stone, gravel and sand, and 25% of virgin wood. Current construction practices create about 2 1/2 pounds of solid waste per square foot. - Source: United States Green Building Council Technical Review Workshop

Evergreen Hall signifies the University's interest in being actively responsible for the environment and the health of its buildings users. From initial planning stages UMC faculty, staff and students voiced their desire for the project to attempt Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) Certification.

As part of the certification process the project registered with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in October 2008. Upon registration, the stakeholders and designers discovered the need to understand the LEED-CI requirements and the impact on the new residence hall, user groups, and the rest of campus.

The process of assuring adherence to LEED-CI requirements included:

Documentation, information gathering, calculations and follow-through were all instrumental steps in completion of LEED requirements.

LEED certification is ranked within four levels of overall credit achievement:

Certification Levels

Certified     21-26
Silver         27-31
Gold          32-41
Platinum    42-57



Did You Know?
Over 2,000 building projects have registered for LEED in the United States and internationally. - Source: United States Green Building Council

"Green building design strives to balance environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, occupant comfort and well being, and community sensitivity." Six categories must be addresses to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Commercial Interiors Certification:

SS - Sustainable Sites

All kitchen cabinet hardware in apartments were salvaged from McCall Hall, refinished and installed.

WE- Water Efficiency

EA - Energy and Atmosphere

Vetrazzo Countertops found in the first floor common bathrooms are made from recycled apple juice jugs, root beer, vanilla and medicine bottles.

MR - Materials and Resources

EQ - Indoor Environmental Quality

ID - Innovation in Design


Construction and Waste Management

Lighting pendants located in the first floor lounge were salvaged from Kiehle Building and refurbished for use in Evergreen Hall.



Did You Know?
According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & immunology, Americans spend an average of 80 to 90% of their time indoors. Therefore, the quality of indoor environment is very important for health, productivity and quality of life. - Source: United States Green Building Council Technical Review Workshop

To incorporate LEED-CI requirements into design and construction, decisions had to be made early on. Construction meetings were held specifically to address many of the issues and concerns about LEED integration. A checklist provided by the USGBC was created highlighting the desirable and attainable credits. This checklist was frequently updated throughout the project. Drawings and specifications were a key player in the successful follow through of LEED credit achievement. Documentation and construction photos were collected often, to be used as supporting material for the final submittal.

Did You Know?
All documentation is done via LEED-Online to streamline the submission process and to go completely paperless.

It was important that the other members of the design and construction team were aware of the LEED-CI requirements. A member of the architectural/interiors team was a LEED Accredited Professional (which gave 1 credit under Innovation and Design). The project was administered with success. The requirements listed in the LEED-CI Reference Guide were carefully administered by the project team. Decisions were regularly made as to what credits to pursue.


Recycled Content

Product Location Manufacturer PCT
Carpet Units & Hallways Bolyu Commercial 60%
Carpet Common Spaces & Stairwells Patcraft/Designweave 19%
Vinyl Flooring Common Spaces & Unit Kitchens Centiva Event 18%
Ceramic Tile Common Spaces Atlas Concorde 54%
Linoleum Unit Bathrooms & Laundry/Linen Forbo Marmoleum 23%
Rubber Exercise ECOsurfaces 16%
Product Location Manufacturer %
Ceramic Tile Common Bathrooms Backbay 21%
Glass Tile Common Bathrooms & Fireplace Oceanside 27%
Wallcovering Lounges & Classroom Bolta 25%
Product Location Manufacturer %
Countertop Units Laminart 21%
Countertop Studio Units & Print Stations Paperstone 100%
Countertop Common Bathrooms Vetrazzo 79%
Upholstery Lounge Furniture Maharam 100%




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