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The University of Minnesota Crookston offers several shot term faculty lead programs. To find out more. please see our Get Started page.


Examples of past programs


DescriptionUMC Learning Abroad - Brazil Program
Brazil’s economic growth in recent years has drawn the attention of both leading interna-tional business and students interested in better understanding the South American giant—now the world’s 7th largest econo-mies. During this programs students will be able to witness the many facets of Brazilian ag industry. By the end of the trip students will have a deeper insight of the Brazilian agribusiness sector, from its’ recent improve-ments in technology, production and ship-ping to crop rotation and sustainable produc-tion.

This program will run spring semester 2015 with a field trip to Brazil over spring break. We will cover, agriculture economics, Bra-zilian culture, and farm practices. The goal of the program is to get students who are involved with agronomy, ag economics, and ag systems management a first hand view of other global operations.

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Costa Rica

UMC Learning Abroad - Costa Rica ProgramDescription
The learning experience will focus on volun-teer work in either Dental office or working with the elderly in San Jose. After working with the Lions organization students will travel to the Sarapiqui where students will be able to work along side local community members to interact with children, build side walks, or bus stops, and more. Along with volunteering students will see a working farm, the green turtles, and will be able to do the canopy walk and zip line through some amazing terrain. This will be an amazing alternative spring break where you can give to a community and enjoy your break at the same time.

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UMC Learning Abroad - Italy ProgramDescription
The learning experience will concentrate on the legacy of Roman mythology to all as-pects of Italian culture. As you visit some of the most famous sites in the world: the Coliseum, Sistine Chapel, Leaning Tower of Pisa, the canals of Venice, you will walk in the footsteps of the people who shaped the world we live in today.

This course will give students a deeper understanding of Italian myth and cul-ture. The Romans incorporated aspects of many different civilizations into their empire, and from this they laid the foun-dation for western civilization. As a class, students will study the myths, literature, art, architecture, music, and philosophy of the Italian Classic period, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Roman-tic and Modern Periods. Students will create a digital story of the mythic legacy found in their chosen area of the hu-manities. The official class will be a spring semester course with a capstone adventure to Italy in May.

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UMC Learning Abroad - India ProgramDescription
The course aims at providing a historical and cultural perspective to modern India. You will experience the paradox that is India in your travel. You will traverse the length and breadth of India from the capital city New Delhi, to the back waters of Kerala (God’s own country). You will experience the en-trepreneurship of the people residing in the largest slum in the world (paradoxically it is located in
the economic capital of India, the city of Mumbai) and the much venerated city of Varanasi, which in the words of Diana Eck, Professor of comparative religion and Indian studies at Harvard Universi-ty, is the City of Light.

India is one of the ancient civilizations that continues to flourish. In India you will find that the various traditions de-veloped over its long and turbulent his-tory co-exist with modernity. As a class we will explore the cultural, religious, social and political aspects of modern India. This course will give students
a better understanding of the triumphs and tragedies of modern India during spring 2015 and will culminate in a trip to India in May 2015. Students will maintain a journal of their experiences and will dissemi-nate them to local high school students.

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New Zealand & Australia

UMC Learning Abroad - New Zealand/Australia ProgramDescription
As a complement to the program academics in New Zealand and Australia, the University of Minnesota Crookston students and faculty members will broaden their understanding of New Zealand and Australia through their
participation in cultural activities and excur-sions. This is a spring semester class that will meet and go over leadership opportuni-ties. Also expect at least one field trip to a local ropes course area.

This course will give students a deeper un-derstanding of Global leadership. Travelling from the south through the north New Zea-land will challenge students on many differ-ent levels. This course is designed to look at your environment, face challenges, and work as a team. Whether this is by climbing a glacier together or meeting the M?ori cul-ture, students will learn even more about their identity, problem solving, and culture. Official class will be a spring semester course with a capstone to New Zealand. After going through this program students will go to Cains, and experience the famous Rain Forest Station where they can hold the adorable Koala bears and feed the kangaroos.

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