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Agriculture Study Takes UMC Students to Brazil over Spring Break 2013

For thirteen students from the University of Minnesota Crookston, spring break meant ten days in Brazil and weeks in preparation for a powerful learning abroad experience. The trip, which took place from March 16-24, 2013, took students to sugar cane farms, dairy operations, huge cities, beautiful waterfalls, a tour of Itapu Dam, and much more.


Three Weeks in India

A three week study abroad program in May 2013 to southern India. Discover more in our presentation.


Past Student Adventures


Semester in Italy is Life Changing Experience for Junior Hannah Reysen

Wandering the country side with her camera in hand, Junior Hannah Reysen discovers beautiful places. But, what is more significant might be what she discovers inside during her study abroad semester in Italy.

Reysen, a business management and marketing major from Adell, Wis., grew up listening to her mother's stories about a trip to Brazil she took as a high school student. Those stories fostered an interest in Reysen that could not be quelled. There were moments of doubt over the years, but in the end, a few visits with Rae French, learning abroad coordinator, sealed the deal and opened up the possibilities. Read more >>>


Tiffany Breth - Kenya

Afterthoughts: I should have written this right when I came home, but I have bee...
Afterthoughts: I should have written this right when I came home, but I have been so busy. Thinking about Kenya and being in Kenya for 4 months now seems like a dream. Coming home was very emotional and overwhelming. I loved seeing all my family and my puppy Bella! It was the best feeling ever to come home and be greeted by my whole family. The food has been soooooo good! I missed American food so much and being able to make my own food and eat whenever I want....except that has made me gain weight haha. Taking warm showers and having working water all the time and constant electricity is really nice, I mean really nice. I cant believe how easy we have it and how spoiled we are in America. I know Kenya has changed me as a person and my outlook on life. If you really want to appreciate your life in America and what you have, then go to a 3rd world country and live like them for awhile and see the poverty and experience a life out of our comfort zone in Minnesota. I have become someone new, someone better :) The biggest change I have seen in myself is how patient I am now. People in Kenya dont care about time or getting things done right away. They care about their families and the time they spend with them, not the time wasted. The biggest relief of being home is that I can walk around and feel completely safe and at ease, its hard to calm down after 4 months of anxiety always looking over my shoulder, but if I could do it again, I would. I know I will go back to Kenya, I have to, I have family there now, who I miss very much. I feel like I have two complete different lives now and I left one in Kenya. I cant believe its over, but now I can share my experience with everyone else and get others to study abroad in a 3rd world country. :)

Day 104: Only a few hours left before I leave Kenya. I don't even know how to fe...
Day 104: Only a few hours left before I leave Kenya. I don't even know how to feel, my emotions are so mixed. I'm going to miss my family. Its time for me to go home. I can't wait to see Ben and Bella and my family, tears come to my eyes thinking about it already. Goodbye Kenya, but not forever because I will be back.



Danielle Wavra - Australia

adventure story coming soon...


Alyssa Madsen - Ireland

adventure story coming soon...

China: Our Summer 2011 Cultural Journey

Tea Village in Hangzhou
On May 21, we went to Tea Village called 'Mei Jia Wu Village' in Hangzhou It was located a little far from the city which was pretty quiet and peaceful. Even though i enjoy drinking tea, i did not...

English Corner
This is Me and Nora, she had stopped Kristine, Alysia, and I and started to talk a little bit of English to us and asking all of us what we were in China for and how long we were...


Trenton Brenny - Australia

Week 8
Sorry to those who have been following me-been kinda busy with midterms and everything else going on. Anyway, this past week I spent a week in the Outback-camping and hiking. If you are thinking of going to Australia GO TO...

Week 2 of classes down
Well the second week of classes if over and done with. Not much to report besides the weather. Mainly just trying to keep up with the study material and ALL the writting assignments. There's really only one class I have...


Emily Caillier - Galaway, Ireland

The End...
Hello All, This will most likely be my last update to you from the land of the Leprechauns. I have one final left to complete tomorrow and than I will be all finished. Today will technically be my last day...

Hello there! So, I'm coming down to the end so this will be one of my last emails to you. I don't have too much to report back to you since all i've been doing is studying for my finals....


Norway 2010

Final Pictures of the Norway Experience
Amazing, viewsAfter Norway some of the students went to ItalyOne of my favorite pictures of the girls...

Little bit of everything
Oh my gosh! Where do I start? We have been so busy! Sam and I are loving every minute of being in Norway. I haven't had time to blog because not only of wanting to take in every minute of...


Raptors in Mexico - Daniel Kuske

Two Weeks Left
So I know I have not posted anything in a month, but there has not been too much exciting here. I had four girls staying in the house also, but two girls left two weeks ago and the other two...

Week Two
Well into week two of the internship is going great. I finished on friday with a nice easy day and was done by noon and back at the house about 1. Saturday I hung out with a friend from school...


Health Practices in Ghana - Shawn Friedland

Pics of Shawns experiences
These are pictures taken off of Shawn's Facebook page.  I loved them and thought you all would enjoy seeing these pics as well.  Please feel free to comment....

Friday- July 9, 2010
Friday- July 9th, 2010 I am writing this at about 1:00 PM Ghana time. I just finished my last lunch here- white rice with chicken- I sure will miss that! Last night, we had some interesting adventures. A bunch of...



 UMC Learning Abroad Profile - Tracy Nyhus Tracy Nyhus
Health Sciences - Pre-Dentistry
Read her story >>>