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Learning Abroad - Get Started

1. Start Your Adventure Here With Our UMC Programs

France - International Agricultural Production, Processing and Marketing

Greece - Exploring Greek Mythology

England - Global Finance, Business and Culture 

France - Horticulture and Play Spaces

UMN Study Abroad Profile - Create a profile to get more information.

2. Talk to your Learning Abroad and Academic Advisers

3. Apply for your Learning Abroad Program

Go to the Education Abroad portal to apply for your program. (You might see a warning page pop up. Click proceed anyway and keep going)

Allow yourself plenty of time to complete a program application, finish your academic planning, fulfill financial aid and scholarship requirements, and get ready to study abroad.

Deadlines for Applications: Winter and Spring term - October 1st & Summer and Fall - February 1st
Don’t forget to check out the scholarship deadlines for the program you are applying for!! Do it early!


You will be getting information from the:



4. Apply for Scholarships

 UMC Scholarship Information


5. Share Your Study Abroad Experience

During your study abroad experience, go to the official university blogging system, Google Blogger, or create a Facebook page, where you will be able to blog and share your experience with everyone back home! View blogs written by other students that have studied abroad!


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