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Cost of Attendance Adjustment Policy 

Tuition and Fees:
The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships may adjust the tuition and fee component of the COA for students who are assessed tuition and fees that exceed our estimated tuition and fee component. The student should submit a written appeal to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships to appeal the tuition and fee estimate.  It will then be reviewed for actual costs and determination of award changes.

Room and Board:
Budget may be adjusted for on-campus housing to accommodate doctor’s written recommendation of a single room.  The student must submit a written appeal to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships to appeal the room and board estimate. It will then be reviewed for actual costs and determination of award changes.

Books and Supplies:
The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships may adjust the book and supply component for students whose book and supply expenses exceed estimated book and supply costs by over $250/semester.  Students must submit the required documentation, which includes syllabi, letters from collegiate department verifying course materials, and receipts from the bookstore. It will then be reviewed for actual costs and determination of award changes.

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships may adjust the transportation component for off-campus students who reside further than 30 miles away from campus and must travel to campus for class. Online students may not appeal this policy.  Student will need to identify number of days of travel required and provide a reasonable estimate of costs incurred for this travel. Staff can then make the appropriate adjustment.

Health Insurance:
The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships may adjust the miscellaneous component for students who have increased healthcare insurance requirements purchased from the institution and subsequent direct billing of this fee.  Students must submit a written request for the increased cost of attendance.  It will then be reviewed for actual costs and determination of award changes.

Computer Expenses:
Students may request an increase of $1445 for computer costs provided they have not already been issued a university computer and they have not already utilized the one-time budget increase for a computer.  Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits in the semester in which they make the written request.  It will then be reviewed for actual costs and determination of award changes.

Child Care:
The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships may adjust the miscellaneous component for students who appeal a COA based on increased childcare expenses not to exceed the annual maximum amount of MN State Child Care Grant.  Students must submit required documentation, including a statement or contract from the child care provider, including the name and age of persons in their care, the number of hours per week and cost for each individual, the starting and ending dates of care during the current academic year (future expected care has to be projected), and the name, address, and phone number of the dependent care provider. Receipts and/or cancelled checks are required if payments for dependent care have been made during the current academic year and prior to the submission of the appeal. Canceled checks are required from all care providers who appear to be relatives of the student/family. . A student may not receive both a MN State Child Care Grant and an appeal for COA budget based on childcare expenses. It will then be reviewed for actual costs and determination of award changes.


Criteria for Awarding Funds

The University of Minnesota, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships decides who receives funds from University Grants and Scholarships, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG), Federal/State College Work-Study (CWS), and Federal Perkins Loans. These are called “campus-based” funds and are awarded using the following criteria:

Federal Pell Grants, Minnesota State Grants, and many other funding programs are awarded based on the criteria established by the funding agency.


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy 

Federal regulations require the University of Minnesota's Office of Financial Aid to monitor the academic progress of students receiving aid. To maintain your eligibility for financial aid consideration, you must meet the standards set forth in this policy. Please read this information carefully for a description of the policy and how your academic progress affects your financial aid. You will be notified via your official University of Minnesota e-mail account if you are not meeting SAP standards.


Special Circumstance Policy

If your financial situation has changed substantially during the year or since completing the federal aid application, you can submit a Special Circumstance Appeal form for reconsideration of your financial need. UMC’s policy is to process original federal aid applications (FAFSA) prior to processing Special Circumstance Appeal forms. You may qualify for a revision under the following circumstances:

Separation, Divorce or Death
You have already filed your annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and since that time you and your spouse and/or parents have become separated, divorced, or your spouse or parent has died.

Loss of Employment
You and/or your spouse and/or parents earned money last year and have had a reduction in hours, or have lost employment for at least 10 weeks this year that has resulted in a reduction of wages. Ten weeks must have passed prior to submission of this appeal for either circumstance.

One-Time Income
You and/or your spouse and/or parent received one-time income in last year that will not occur this year (e.g. rollover into Roth IRA, moving expense allowance, back-year social security payments, or a divorce settlement). Special consideration will not be given if this one-time income is a result of an inheritance, gambling winnings, pension, capital gain, insurance settlement, or early distribution of retirement accounts.

Medical Care Expenses
We will consider only expenses already paid directly by the student or spouse or parent (not pending to be paid expenses)

NOTE: the payment of insurance premiums, regular health maintenance and routine expenses such as eye glasses and elective cosmetic procedure (e.g. orthodontic braces) are not considered unusual medical expenses and will not be considered for the Revision Request.

Unexpected/Non-Recurring Medical Expenses: You and/or your spouse or parent has paid for unusual or unexpected medical expense for a member of your household that are not reimbursed. These expenses are over and above typical health maintenance costs due to an unexpected, extraordinary or non-recurring emergency or incident. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships assumes that you and your family members will have insurance coverage. Only those costs not covered by insurance or another agency may be considered.

Tuition Expenses for Elementary or Secondary Education
You and/or your spouse and /or parents pay elementary or secondary school tuition for a member of your family during this year. Only expenses not covered or reimbursed by another agency/source will be considered. Also, only tuition incurred during this year will be considered.

Parent in College
The University will look at the amount that a parent is spending for tuition for classes that they are taking in a degree program at a post-secondary institution on case by case basis, such as: a parent who loses their job, or a parent who is involuntary unemployed and needs to go through retraining, or an employer who requires the employee to be in college. If the college costs are being provided by the employer or an agency such as Job Training, we cannot count parent as a college student.

Costs associated with life-style choices or consumer indebtedness (house payments, selling of house, owning or operating a car, living without roommates, credit card purchases, etc.) cannot be covered by financial aid programs.

NOTE: Additional documents will be required for each situation listed above. Please stop by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, 170 Owen Hall, 218-281-8569 to request a Special Circumstance form or to discuss other special circumstances not included above.


Progress Toward Your Degree

To remain eligible to receive financial aid, you must be making satisfactory academic progress toward earning your degree. Students who are not making satisfactory academic progress are NOT eligible to receive financial aid. Campus Standards of Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility


Refund Policy

You may find it necessary to withdraw from all classes during a semester. If you withdraw from the University, you may be eligible to receive a refund of tuition and course fees depending upon when you withdraw. If you received financial aid, the Office of Student Financial Aid, as well as yourself, may be required to return all or a portion of the aid that was disbursed to you and/or your student account to the federal government. In other words, if you are a financial recipient, the refund will be returned to the grant, scholarship, or loan source from which you received funds. This situation could result in your owing money to the University, the government, or both. If your circumstances require you to withdraw from all classes, you are encouraged to contact a financial aid counselor and your academic advisor so your decision will be based on a clear understanding of the consequences of withdrawing from all classes.  



You may be required to repay to the University all or a portion of the financial aid you receive during the academic year if you:



If your financial aid package is revised at any time during the academic year, you will receive a revised Financial Aid Award Notification. Instructions regarding acceptance of the revised aid offer will be included on the notification.

A request for a change in your award must be directed to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. Consideration depends upon the availability of funds, financial need, and the University’s funding policies.


Withdrawal Policy

Students who decide to withdraw from UMC after registering for classes must cancel their registration by completing a paper form available at the Office of the Registrar. Completion of the cancellation procedure is extremely important in order to minimize liability for tuition and fee charges and "F" grades. Until notice of cancellation is received, space in the classes registered for is reserved, and tuition and fees continue to accrue regardless of nonattendance.

Students who cancel all or part of their registration are entitled to tuition and fee refunds based on the date of official cancellation.

Refer to a current class schedule for more specific information on cancel/add procedures. If you receive a tuition refund for canceling some or all of your classes, a calculation will be performed to determine if all or a portion of the refund will be returned directly to the financial aid account from which you received aid, and/or will be sent to your lender to reduce the principal of any loans for which you are responsible.

If the required calculation determines that your refund is insufficient to repay the appropriate financial aid fund(s), you may be billed by UMC.

You will be notified if you are required to repay any or all of your financial aid. A “hold” will be placed on your financial aid immediately. Grade transcript and registration records will have a hold placed if the bill is not paid by the due date. You will be unable to receive any further aid until the bill is paid in full. Late fees will be assessed for overdue payments.

You are responsible for contacting the UMC Business Office to arrange a repayment schedule for all University loans and/or unpaid balances if in the next term you:


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