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Courses Offered

Any 1000 or 2000 level course listed in UMC's Course Catalog may be considered when selecting classes to offer through the CIHS program, given a qualified instructor has been identified and approved for the specific class.

Listed below are courses currently being offered through the CIHS program. Additional classes may be found on UMC's Course Catalog.

Courses Offered 2014-2015


AnSc 1004 Introduction to Animal Science: 4 credits
Survey of the meat animal, dairy, and equine industries. Emphasis on general management principles, health care, breeding, behavior, feeding, and care of dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, sheep, and swine.
ASM 1044 Computer Aided Drafting: 3 credits
Sketching/dimensioning architectural/landscape projects. Use of CAD program to develop plan views, floor plans, elevations, pictorials, mechanical drawings.

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Art 1152 Drawing and Design: 1-3 credits
Introduces foundations of drawing/design. Offered as 1-credit art appreciation lecture or as 3-credit studio lab/lecture. Lecture studies concepts/history of drawing/design. Studio work is practical application.
Art 1252 Color and Design: 1-3 credits
Introduces foundations of color (painting) and design. Offered as 1-credit art appreciation lecture or as 3-credit studio lab/lecture. Lecture studies concepts/history of drawing/design. Studio work is practical application.
Art 1352 Art Design Techniques- Pottery: 1-3 credits
Introduces foundations of art techniques (3-dimensional) and design. Offered as 1-credit art appreciation lecture or as 3-credit studio lab/lecture. Lecture studies concepts/history of drawing/design. Studio work is practical application.
Comp 1011 Composition I: 3 credits
Process of clear, concrete, and convincing writing. Generation and discovery of subjects, revisions, editing.
Comp 1013 Composition II: 3 credits
(Prereq-Comp 1011)
Writing summaries. Writing to synthesize material from several sources. Evaluating readings and other material from several sources. Evaluating readings and other materials. Research writing.
Hist 1021 World Civilization I: 3 credits
Ancient Near East, Greece, Egypt, Rome, and Medieval Europe.
Hist 1022 World Civilization I: 3 credits
Renaissance and Modern Europe from Reformation to present.
Hist 1301 American History I: 3 credits
Colonial era and early national period from the Revolution through the Civil War and Reconstruction.
Hist 1302 American History II: 3 credits
Gilded Age to present with emphasis on foreign involvements and wars, New Deal, civil rights, and economic developments.
Hlth 1062  First Aid and CPR: 2 credits
American Red Cross course that follows guidelines set by the ARC and UMC for certification and grading. Prepares students to carry out the Emergency Action Principles and grants certification in Responding to Emergencies (an inclusive first aid and CPR course) if the ARC standards are successfully met.
Hum 1301 Introduction to Humanities: 3 credits
The arts as a reflection of our search for understanding of the human condition. Beliefs and attitudes presented through creative expressions from around the world.
Lit 1005 Introduction to Literature: 3 credits
Major forms of literature from various cultures and historical periods. Developing an informed, personal response to literature and interpretive skills required for an appreciation of literature.
Lit 1016 Readings in American Life: 3 credits
American literature from Puritans to present. Developing an informed, personal response to that literature. Major concerns of American writers in different eras. Introduction to interpretative skills required for an appreciation of literature.
Mus 1111 Music Theory I - Foundations of Tonal Music: 3 credits
Theory and notation, two-part counterpoint; consonance and dissonance; melodic contours; music fundamentals (key signatures, scales, rhythms, chordal construction). Writing and analyzing basic diatonic tonal structures.
Pol 1001 American Government: 3 credits
Introduction to politics/government in the United States. Constitutional origins/development, major institutions, parties, interest groups, elections, participation, public opinion. Ways of explaining politics. Nature of political science.
Psy 1001 General Psychology: 3 credits
Overview of psychology as scientific study of human/animal behavior. Emphasizes goals of psychology: to describe, understand, predict, and control behavior. Biological, cognitive, affective, and social perspectives.
Soc 1001 Introduction to Sociology: 3 credits
Culture, social institutions, socialization, groups, social class, race and ethnicity, collective behavior, and social deviance.
Span 1104 Beginning Spanish I: 4 credits
Conversational Spanish centered on day-to-day experiences. Emphasis on verb conjugation, rules of grammar, and vocabulary building. Cultural awareness and appreciation.
Span 1204 Spanish II: 4 credits
(Prereq-Span 1104)
Emphasis on verb conjugation with the addition of compound tenses, indicative and subjective moods. Vocabulary building; dialogue concerning sports, travel, service information. Cultural and political dimensions of Spanish-speaking countries.
Spch 1101 Introduction to Speech: 3 credits
Topic selection, research, organization, rehearsal, and extemporaneous delivery of informative and persuasive speeches.
Th 1121 Theatre Production: 1 credit
Involvement in one or more of the following: acting, directing, costuming, set construction, makeup, publicity, coaching, lighting, sound.

Math, Science and Technology

Biol 1009 General Biology: 4 credits
Major concepts of modern biology. Molecular structure of living things, energy recruitment/utilization, flow of genetic information through organisms/populations. Principles of inheritance, ecology, and evolution. Includes lab.
CA 1012 Application Suite Software: 2 credits
Introduction to word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics.
CA 1015 Word Processing Applications: 2 credits
Creation, generation, and development of advanced/integrated word processing documents/publications.
CA 1020 Spreadsheet Applications: 2 credits
Personal/presentation use of spreadsheets that include formulas, functions, what-if analysis, and charts.
CA 1030 Multimedia Graphics: 2 credits
Developing advanced graphics, animation, and audio/video materials for personal/professional presentations.
CA 1040 Web Site Development: 2 credits
Web site design. HTML/XML, scripting, graphics, Web services, user interface design.
CA 1055 Animation Software Applications with Flash MX: 2 credits
Fundamentals of Flash MX Animation. Students create animated Flash page for Web sites and interactive learning components for E-learning.
CA 1070 Desktop Publishing: 2 credits
Publishing software. Emphasizes layout, style, color, and message delivery in print and on the Internet.
Chem 1021 Chemical Principles I: 4 credits
Concepts of inorganic chemistry, atomic theory/structure, periodicity of elements. Basic rules of oxidation and chemical combination. Molecular structure (hybridization, molecular orbitals). Thermochemistry, gases, solution process, colligative properties.
Math 1031 College Algebra and Analytical Geometry: 3 credits
Basic algebraic operations, linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, variation, functions and their graphs, theory of equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, matrices and determinants.
Math 1142 Survey of Calculus: 3 credits
(Prereq-Math 1031)
Derivatives, integrals, differential equations, maxima and minima, partial differentiation, applications.
Math 1150 Elementary Statistics: 3 credits
Descriptive statistics, elementary probability, normal distribution, binomial distribution, confidence intervals, tests of hypotheses, correlation, regression, chi-square, ANOVA.
Math 1250 Precalculus: 4 credits
(Prereq-Math 1031)
Review of algebra, functions, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities/equations, systems of equations, determinants/matrices, sequences/series, topics from analytic geometry.
Math 1271 Calculus I: 4 credits
(Prereq-Math 1250)
Limits, differential calculus of functions of a single variable, applications. Introduction to integral calculus of a single variable.
Phys 1001 Elementary Physics: 3 credits
(Prereq-Math 1031)
Fundamental laws of mechanics, fluids, temperature, gas laws, electricity, wave motion, origins of modern physics, radioactivity.
Phys 1012 Introductory Physics: 4 credits
( Prereq-Math 1031)
Motion, forces, torque, energy, heat, sound, light, electricity, magnetism. Emphasizes applications.
Phys 1101 Physics I: 4 credits
(Prereq-Math 1031)
First of two-semester sequence. Algebra-based introduction to physics and physics problem solving. Motion, forces, torque, momentum, energy, thermal energy/heat. Topics presented in applied context.

Natural Resources

NatR 1226 Environmental Science and Sustainability: 3 credits
Interdisciplinary survey course. Applying ecological principles to social systems, food/fiber production. Economic considerations of land use and rural communities, pollution, global warming, energy production/use, and biodiversity.


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