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Request for Course Fee Form – NEW request

Course Name ____________________________

Course # ________ Purpose of fee: Lab ___ Lecture _____

# of credits ______ Department Name _______________________

Instructor __________________________

Amount of Fee $________ Enrollment Planning Assumption for

2010-2011 Fall - __________

Spring - _______

Course Offered: Actual Student enrollment in previous academic year

Fall _____ 2009-2010 Fall – ________

Spring _____ Spring - ________

Both ______

Course Fee Description:

Justification of the fee. This needs to be specific; types of supplies, field trip details, etc. Please include calculations.


Estimated Expenses

Projected Enrollment


Proposed Fee

Average miles driven (if applicable)




Please provide a Budget # (chartstring) from where these expenses were previously paid out of.

What is the total dollar amount of expenditures for the course? $________________

What is the total dollar amount proposed to be paid from course fees? $______________

What is the total dollar amount that the department will be paying? $______________

Please complete this form in its entirety and return signed by both preparer and Department Head.

Preparer Signature: ______________________________________

Department Head Signature: _________________________________

***Forms that are not completed or signed will be returned to the preparer and not be eligible for consideration.

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University of Minnesota, Crookston
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