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Cancellation & Refunds Policy

Cancellation from College

If you decide to WITHDRAW from college anytime after registering, you must complete a form available at the Office of the Registrar. Completion of the cancellation procedure is CRUCIAL in order to establish a date for potential tuition and fees refund and in order to ensure that you will not receive "F" grades for all courses in which you are registered. If you have any questions, ask your faculty adviser or contact the Office of the Registrar

Changes in Registration (Cancel/Add)

Subject to certain limitations, you may add or cancel classes or may change grading options. Course additions and changes to or from S-N grading are allowed for 15-week term courses without penalty during the first two weeks of the semester or before. Courses cannot be added after the second week of classes. Procedures for adding or canceling are different if you use web self-registration than if you are required to register in-person. Deadlines are different for part-term courses. See Refund and Drop/Add Deadlines for detailed information.

Full tuition is charged on a per-credit basis for all changes in registration that increase your credit load. However, no additional tuition is charged when any course addition is balanced at the same time by a course cancellation, i.e., a cancellation equal to the number of credits being added. (Distance Learning courses qualify as replacement courses only if the course being added is also a Distance Learning course offered during the same session.) Refunds are issued on a per-credit basis according to the refund rate that applies to the date of cancellation.

Retroactive Tuition Refund

In a very limited number of circumstances (e.g., medical, military duty, attendance at another institution) retroactive cancellations may be possible. If retroactive cancellation is authorized within one semester of the term in question and no later than August 31 of that fiscal year, you may be entitled to a tuition refund. Petitions for retroactive tuition refund based on a failure to cancel or nonattendance will not be approved. Check with the Registrar's office for more information and a petition form.

How to Change Your Registration

To change your course load or grading system, you should:

  1. Fill out a Registration form if canceling in person. Check the box indicating cancel/add and note the number of credits you will have after this change.
  2. Obtain instructor, adviser, or Academic Standards & Policy Committee approval if required
  3. Cancel on-line (your cancellation is not complete until you create a study list) or turn in your Registration form (and all required class permission numbers) at the Office of the Registrar where you will receive a revised study list.

Any assessment or credit amount that results from a change in registration is posted to your account at Student Accounts Receivable. New assessments will appear on your next billing statement.

Gaining Admission to a Closed Course

In general, you should first go to the department offering the course, where you may be put on a waiting list or be referred to the instructor for permission to register. Attend the first class meeting if you are on a waiting list or need the instructor's permission, to see if more students will be admitted. To register in a closed course, you must have a class permission number from the instructor.

Change of Grading Option

You may not change your grading option after the second week of classes.

When to Cancel Courses

If you decide before the term begins not to attend, cancel before the first day of classes. If you stop attending class for any reason, cancel immediately. On occasion, a course may be cancelled by the department offering the course. The Office of the Registrar will automatically cancel that specific course from your registration. Cancellations are effective the day you officially cancel (either by canceling on-line or by taking a completed Registration Form to the Office of the Registrar). Withdrawal in the ninth or later week of classes (fourth or later in summer sessions) shall require approval of the college and may not be granted solely because a student is failing a course; there must be extenuating non-academic circumstances justifying late withdrawal.

One-Time Drop Policy

Each student may, once during his or her undergraduate enrollment, withdraw from a course without college approval, and receive a "W," at any time up to and including the last day of class for that course. This process cannot be completed through the web. The required form must be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar.

Transcript Record of Cancelled Classes

When you cancel an individual course during the first two weeks of the term there is no transcript record of that course. If you cancel ALL courses during the first two weeks, a notation of cancellation will appear on your record, although no "Ws" will be recorded. Cancellation of any course after the second week of the term will result in a "W" on your record.

Please direct any questions to the Business Office.

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