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Payment Schedule

The payment plan schedule is listed below.

**In order to make payments on your student account, students must choose "Enroll Now" on the My Finances page of MyU. If you do not opt in to the payment plan, your student account is due in full on the 1st due date of each semester.

NOTE: Outstanding balances must be paid by due dates. By choosing to make payments using the payment plan, a $20 payment plan fee will be assessed on your student account.


Payment #

Amount Due

Due Date

Summer 2015


100% of Remaining Balance

Fall 2015 1


33% of Remaining Balance

50% of Remaining Balance

100% of Remaining Balance


Spring 2016 1



33% of Remaining Balance

50% of Remaining Balance

100% of Remaining Balance




Summer 2016
100% of Remaining Balance

Payment Options

  1. Online using the Make a Payment link

    If you choose to pay online, there are two options:

    • Bank checking or savings account at no extra cost
    • Credit or debit card (Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner Club, or VISA). There will be a 2.75% finance fee if using a credit or debit card. This fee goes to a 3rd party administrator. 
  2. In person at the Business Office, 121 Selvig Hall
  3. Send check or money order to:

UMC Business Office
121 Selvig Hall
2900 University Ave
Crookston, MN 56716


E-bills – All billing statements are sent electronically to the UMC E-mail account. Please check this account regularly.

Late Payment Fees - Students who fail to pay the minimum amount due by the Payment Due Date will be charged a $40 late payment fee.  The late payment fee will be assessed monthly until the account is made current.

Nonpayment of bill - You are responsible for all collection fees assessed to your account.


Detailed Billing and Payment Information

Please read carefully the following information to better understand your billing statement, when your payments are due, what penalties may apply, and where to go for more information.

University Policy requires that any individual who has outstanding indebtedness to the University shall not be allowed to register, receive a transcript of records, or receive certification of academic credits, grades, diplomas, or receipt of degrees of graduation until their delinquent account balance is resolved. The University assumes no responsibility in the use of this billing by anyone for identification purposes.

Definitions and Clarifications

Future Due - the total due on your bill, which includes your previous balance amount plus new charges and payments that appear on this bill. Pay this amount in full by the due date to avoid fees for late payment and installment/re-billing.

Due Now - the lowest amount you can pay to be eligible for the installment plan. A fee of is assessed for participating in the payment plan. If you do not make your minimum payment by the due date, you will be assessed a late payment fee in addition to an installment/re-billing fee. For more information about the installment plan and/or late payment fees, please refer to the Class Schedule or view the information on the Web.

Payment Due Date - the date that your payment must be received in order to avoid late payment fees and/or installment/re-billing fees. Only payments received (not postmarked) by the due date are considered to be on time. See payment instructions below.

Previous balance - the sum of all transactions that have appeared on previous bills.


Account sub-total definitions:

TERM - tuition, fees, financial aid transactions, late fees, installment/re-billing fees, payments, and other term-based charges and payments

MONTHLY - charges that are due monthly or that are not related to the term registration, such as library fines, parking charges, dental and medical charges, or bus passes

STARS - indicates a transaction made prior to fall 1999

RCK - returned check items and fees

Posted Date - date that the transaction was posted to your student account.

Address changes - By keeping your address updated, you ensure timely delivery of your statements. You are responsible for notifying the Business Office, 121 Selvig Hall of any change of address, or update your address on the web.

You must pay your bill by the due date(s) listed in the Class Schedule or at the Business Affairs Office or online using Make a Payment, even if you do not receive a billing statement. The Business Office is not responsible for mail sent to the wrong address. Late fees are not waived for bills that are sent to an incorrect address.

Course fees - An explanation of course fees, the student services fee, and other fees can be found in your Class Schedule or on the Web. For more information, contact the Business Office, 121 Selvig Hall (218-281-8331).

Hospitalization Insurance – The Board of Regents requires all students registered for 6 or more credits to carry hospitalization insurance. If you do not provide insurance information when you register, you are automatically charged for University-sponsored hospitalization insurance. For more information, contact the Business Office, 121 Selvig Hall (218-281-8331).

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) - Your privacy is protected by FERPA, which means that you must submit a Student Information Release Authorization form to allow Business Office staff to discuss your student account and record information with a third party (including your parents, your spouse, or another agency). You can authorize "Parent/Guest Access" online. For assistance, call 218-281-8548 for more information.

Holds - If you have a past due balance, a hold may be placed on your student account that prevents registration and the release of transcripts and diplomas.

Housing fees - For more information, please contact the Residential Life, 119 Centennial Hall (218-281-8531).

Student Services Fees – All Students registered for 6 or more credits must pay a student services fee. Refer to your current Class Schedule for a breakdown of the organizations supported by the fee. If you have questions, contact the Business Office, 121 Selvig Hall (218-281-8331).

Registration information - Unless you officially cancel your courses and receive a credit to your account, you will be held responsible for all tuition, fees, and other charges on your account. Contact the Registrars Office, 9 Hill Hall (218-281-8548) for cancellation information.

Residency/reciprocity - For information, visit the Admissions Office in 170 Owen Hall (218-281-8569)

Tuition rate - Visit our Tuition & Costs section of this website to learn more.

Collegiate Fee – All students registered for 3 or more credits must pay a UMC Campus Fee to support the technology services provided to students. For more information, contact the Business Office, 121 Selvig Hall (218-281-8331).

Nonpayment of Bill – You are responsible for all collection costs assessed to your account.


Non Degree Students

As a non-degree student, you must pay all tuition and fee charges, by the first payment due date, or your classes may be canceled.


Questions regarding your bill

Please direct all inquiries about itemized charges on your billing statement to the appropriate office that originally posted the charge to your account. In addition, send a written notification of any disputed item(s) on your billing statement to Business Office, University of Minnesota Crookston, 121 Selvig Hall, Crookston, MN 56716.

For general questions regarding payments or your billing statement, please contact:

Business Affairs Office
121 Selvig Hall
2900 University Ave
Crookston, MN 56716

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