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Victor O. Obisakin

UMC Admissions Student Profile Photo - Victor ObisakinName: Victor O. Obisakin
Major: Senior in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management
Hometown: ILE-IFE, Osun State, Nigeria

About Me:
I was born in Bern, Switzerland. I grew up in different parts of the world, mainly Switzerland, Brazil, Israel and my home country. I also visited different countries around the world: Turkey, France, Egypt, Mexico, London, Spain and Lebanon. (That's all I can remember for now). Love playing sports, my favorites are Soccer and Basketball. I love helping people, love dancing, and writing music. I like making people smile. After graduation, plan on volunteering (cross-cultural solutions international). I also plan on working in a 5 star hotel, and then one day build my own. I am a certified scuba diver.

On Campus Involvement:
SOS leader 07, Hospitality Association club member, Vice President Soccer club, SIFE member, Multicultural International Club member

1. If you have completed or are currently completing your internship requirement, what are you doing?
Took a semester off (last spring) to complete my internship. Went back home to Africa, Nigeria to work at the Hilton. Currently back in Crookston relaxing.

2. What is the most interesting thing you've learned since being a student at UMC?
That schooling at a small campus is not all that bad! I actually think its better and good for the students. I'm really thankful I got accepted at UMC and that I actually decided to school there.

3. What is your favorite activity on and off campus?
OFF campus: Love hanging out with my girlfriend and friends, cooking or playing soccer and fishing (just started) ON campus: Any Hospitality Association activity

4. What is your best memory from UMC thus far?
When I won Mr. UMC. I was not feeling good that day and I did all that I did to just get over it. I did not believe I won it.

5. What is the best reason to stay up until 2 AM?
I don't usually do that unless, my favorite TV show is on or, to talk to my parents back home in Nigeria. It's a six hour difference so its 8 am there. You need to stay in touch.

6. What is the best thing about being a student at UMC?
The attention you get from faculty. Teachers actually know you by your name and not just some admission number. The unbelievable dedication of the advisors to help you no matter what. TECHNOLOGY. I?m not going to deceive myself - the laptops are awesome! Really makes my life easier. I tried living without it. It was difficult. Wireless almost all round campus; that?s awesome!!

7. What is your advice to others?
- "If you think education is expensive; try ignorance"
- Make the most out of what UMC has to offer.
- "If you run after two hares you will catch neither", African proverb
- Stay focused. Life has lots of distractions but you must stay focused and make sure nothing stops you from achieving your goal.