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Kyle Severance

UMC Admissions Student Profile Photo - Kyle SeveranceName: Kyle Severance,'08
Major: Animal Science
Hometown: Waterbury Center, VT

Interview spring 2007 by Communications Student Intern Maretta Peterson, '07, communication major

What are you driven to discover in your major?
I want to attain all the scientific and managerial knowledge needed to operate my own dairy farm.

What have you learned that surprised you most so far?
I haven't really been surprised by what I've learned so far.

What drives you to study this field?
I have always enjoyed working with livestock and farming and it the only thing I want to do for a career.

What career goals do you have?
I want to own and manage my own dairy operation after graduation.

Profile questions

Tell me why you chose the U of M, Crookston:
I chose UMC because it had the degree program I wanted, was reasonably priced, is a small school and I wanted to see a different part of the country.

Describe what you like best about the U of M, Crookston:
I like the small size of UMC the most because you know most of the people on campus.

Describe your interaction with the faculty and staff on campus:
The faculty and staff here are friendly and care about the success of individual students. They will work with you if you need help.

Describe what you like best about your classes:
The best thing about the classes in my major is the fact that they are subjects that I'm interested in.

Describe what has been the most challenging for you as you pursue your educational career:
The most challenging part of my academic career has been the upper-level chemistry courses and also balancing school with part-time work.

Why would you recommend that others attend the U of M, Crookston?
I would recommend that others attend UMC because it is a small, friendly school with a lot of other kids who have similar interests in agriculture. It is fairly affordable and has small classes as well.