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Cheryl Isder

UMC Admissions Student Profile - Cheryl IsderName: Cheryl Isder
Major: Natural Resources Management & Water Resources Management
Year of graduation: 2004
Hometown: Little Falls, Minnesota
High School/ Transfer College: Little Falls Community High School
Parents’ Names: Ken and Arlene Isder

1. List three adjectives that describe you.
Motivated, energetic and fun

2. Give a brief summary of your life before attending the University of Minnesota, Crookston.
For the most part, I was pretty shy in high school, but was extremely active in 4-H. I helped with chores before and after school.

3. What aspects helped you to decide to pursue UMC as the university to attend to continue your education?
Small college and class size
Many clubs and activities
Obviously, UMC had my major and I had a friend attending from my hometown.

4. Did you have a clear goal in mind when you enrolled at UMC? Did you enter with the intentions of earning a degree in natural resources? Did you try or consider any other options that are offered here at UMC?
My main goal was to get a degree and have some education to fall back on. I never expected to be so involved in college life and have so many wonderful, lifelong friends. Other options I tried were the clubs and organizations!

I was also the first and only person in my family to attend college.

5. Did you find the UMC instructors to be equally engaging and approachable? Helpful and caring to student needs?
My instructors were amazing! They were completely approachable and many times, they approached you! They definitely wanted you to be engaged in classroom actives, and yes, I do believe they were helpful and caring to the needs of the students. My instructors would go the extra mile to help.

6. What aspects of your time at the university did you find most difficult? How did you work to resolve them?

My most difficult times were time management and selecting priority.

Having friends to hang out with and my grades were extremely important and all of the fun that goes with being involved on campus. There was so much to do, learn and experience.

I resolved them by staying active and motivated to get as much done as possible while I was in college. College only happens once and life changes once you graduate and move away from your friends.

7. What groups, clubs, and organizations have you been involved with at UMC? What roles did you play and positions did you hold within each?
I loved to volunteer in various clubs/organizations. I was involved in the Crookston Student Association from my freshman year to my graduation year.I went from student senator to vice president.

I was very active in the Natural Resources Club and Ag-Arama Club for 4 years and also participated in the Dairy Club, The Sportsmen’s Club, The Wildlife Society and VolunTEAM.

8. UMC requires that all students complete an internship. What internship did you choose to complete and what did it involve? What other “hands on” and job experience did you gain during your years at UMC?
I was hired on with the Natural Resources Conservation Service after my freshman year of college and used the NRCS as my internship experience in Detroit Lakes, Minn. It involved working in the office and in the field with my co-workers on working lands and incorporating the Farm Bill programs.

Other “hands on” experience would have come from classes and clubs – whether it was touring an agency, volunteering for them or traveling to the Natural History Area and other educational places.

9. How has UMC’s advanced technology improved your education and learning environment?
UMC’s advanced technology gave me an advantage in my work for the NRCS and all of the software programs using the computer. Many software programs were learned on the job, but the basics in Word and Excel, I learned at UMC, and the typing skills have been extremely beneficial. I use this knowledge to design my forms for practices or spreadsheets for cost share bills.

10. What has been your most rewarding accomplishment?
My most rewarding accomplishment would be receiving the UMC Woman of the Year for two consecutive years.

11. What advice would you give to present, future, and potential students?
At UMC, you will gain lifelong friends and an education that will make you successful in life.

12. Other than at UMC, what other types of things were you involved in school, the city and the area?
I worked in the community by volunteering and working with the Winter Wonderland event in Crookston.

If you could make one final comment about UMC and your time here what would it be?