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Kristin Fritz

Kristin Fritz - Student Profile PhotoName: Kristin Fritz,'07
Major: Natural Resources with an emphasis in water resource management
Hometown: Fairmont, MN

Interview spring 2007 by Communications Student Intern Maretta Peterson, '07, communication major

What are you driven to discover in your major?
The endless possibilities that my major can offer me. For example, we went to the Wildlife Society meeting and we had the opportunity to meet professionals in our field and to get an idea of directions we can go. Unique opportunities. Being outdoors. Lab classes. Everything about the Natural Resources Department is very unique and they really try to open the doors for you.

What have you learned that surprised you most so far?
How dedicated to the students the professors are. I haven't met a professor in my field that hasn't been willing to bend over backwards for someone who is willing to put in the work. If you're passionate about it in this field you can stay connected with it. Even if you get into the field and your feelings are changing or switching you can find something that you're interested in.

What drives you to study this field?
I grew up on a farm and my family has always pushed me to see more than just a tree or just a cow but to have an appreciation for the value of natural resources. When I was in high school I started taking my fire classes and that's what made me pursue natural resources.

What career goals do you have?
In our field you have three options: You can work for an agency, a private organization or do things by yourself. I've worked for an agency and I like what they have to offer, but I wouldn't mind trying other agencies or a private organization. I personally would like to get a permanent position with the United States Forestry Service, the Bureau of Land Management or the Department of Natural Resources.

Profile questions

Tell me why you chose the U of M, Crookston:
My credits transferred and in most of my classes were accepted. UMC had a unique offer. They had hands-on stuff that I felt was important to learn.

Describe what you like best about the U of M, Crookston:
I like the small class sizes and that the professors want to know you and get to know you on a personal level and that you work hand-in-hand with your advisor.

Describe your interaction with the faculty and staff on campus:
See above.

Describe what you like best about your classes:
See above.

Describe what has been the most challenging for you as you pursue your educational career:
Just having the motivation. You know in the long run you're not going to get paid a lot, but in the end you'll have a job that you'll absolutely love. It's hard to balance school activities with practice and games and everything you want to do while still getting good grades.

Why would you recommend that others attend the U of M, Crookston?
Because it does have small class sizes and you get out what you put in.