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Carrie Diaz

Carrie Diaz - Student Profile PhotoName: Carrie Diaz,'08
Major: Communication/Emphasis Marketing
Hometown: ValHalla, New York

Interview spring 2007 by Communications Student Intern Maretta Peterson, '07, communication major

What are you driven to discover in your major?
I am driven to find success at the highest level with my education, not so much materialistically as metaphorically. I want to take my degree to the highest of my passions to fulfill things I feel strongly about, conquer obstacles that my culture has never been known for and break down walls of ignorance and injustice. I want to hold my head high and fight a cause that is unknown to so many.

What have you learned that surprised you most so far?
I've learned so much: the struggle it takes to be on top of each technical, professional change that confronts us on a daily basis; our ability, through education, to counteract each change; and the importance of valuing our educational freedom and how fortunate we are to have this opportunity.

What drives you to study this field?
The broad spectrum that communication entails. It allows for so many opportunities and brings forth a multitude of choices to be available to all of us pursing a communication degree. What I like is that although I began to pursue a career in public relations, my passion is in change and making a difference and with this degree I have the opportunity to do both.

What career goals do you have?
I have a dream, one where I am able to empower the Latino community with pride and confidence and stress the importance of education in our struggle to be more in the population of lawyers, doctors and schoolteachers. We have the power to change the statistical decline of our community by being productive, positive citizens and role models for those coming behind us. I want to be a voice for the voiceless and a helpline for those struggling to find their way. These are my goals.

Profile questions

Tell me why you chose the U of M, Crookston:
My choice was more based on my situation at the time. Fortunately, UMC has enabled me to pursue a career and also be a productive, caring mother and to me that is what is most important.

Describe what you like best about the U of M, Crookston:
I appreciate the one-on-one interaction, where the intimidation of a huge classroom setting is never found. The comfort of feeling this university has a positive learning atmosphere with low crime and a community that stands behind us.

Describe your interaction with the faculty and staff on campus:
It is very personable. I find myself able to come to my professors with any questions or concerns that I may have. Their willingness to help resolve problems or point me in the direction of someone who can help is irreplaceable.

Describe what you like best about your classes:
The one-on-one benefits it offers - being in a smaller class setting allows for more personal relationships with fellow classmates, as well as student to student. Within these small classrooms, we are more than just a student, we are a person with a name. This relationship continues throughout our four years at the college, where long lasting friendships are built and cherished.

Describe what has been the most challenging for you as you pursue your educational career:
My most challenging obstacles have been balancing the importance of completing my degree with my time with my son. What I have been so fortunate to have in this learning environment are professors who are sensitive to single mothers and are more than willing to meet with me, or give a little more of their time, in order to make this transition a more positive experience for myself as well as my son.

Why would you recommend that others attend the U of M, Crookston?
My recommendation would be more for the small community and the benefits that come with that all on its own. Also being a part of a university that provides laptops for each student, allowing for stronger computer skills to be sharpened and used in our professional endeavors.