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UMC Campus Remote Access Guidelines

Any student who lives within a 50 mile radius from UMC and commutes from that residence to UMC will be given a no-charge account to use to connect to the internet and UMC. Students living in dorms have high quality connections available in their dorm rooms and don’t qualify for the remote-access service. The service is intended to allow remote access to the educational resources of UMC. Halstad Telephone Company and Wikstrom Telephone currently provide this service.

Service is limited to 50 hours per month, when the 50 hours are exceeded the account becomes disabled for the remainder of the month. Students who have exceeded their 50 hours of dial-up time can still access the network from on-campus or via another ISP (Internet Service Provider), but will not be able to use their UMC-funded access account. Individuals who need more than 50 hours per month are advised that they may need a separate ISP account for which they pay themselves.

Also see: Setting up a VPN Connection

For assistance please contact the UMC Helpdesk (218)281-8000.