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UMC's Personal Computer Policy

This applies to all members of the UMC campus community: if you bring or plan to bring a personal or home computer (including gaming devices such as Xbox) to campus and plan to access any component (i.e. campus email, the internet) of the campus network you must comply with following criteria.

  1. Must have your computer joined to the campus domain. In order to accomplish this, the machine must be running an approved operating system that integrates with the campus network and security. This typically would be a corporate-level operating system (i.e. Windows XP Pro).
  2. Must have your computer conform to the required campus naming convention.
  3. Must run campus provided antivirus software, unless there is a special educational circumstance that makes this impractical.
  4. Because in today’s internet environment a vulnerable machine is a risk to all network users, the personal computer will need to comply with necessary security updates provided by the vendor in a timely manner.
    1. i.e. Microsoft Windows Updates &/or MS Office Updates
    2. UMC Technology Support Services may at times push patches to the client computer, using SMS. Users must accept the installation of the SMS client.
  5. The Personal Computer must behave as a good network citizen on the UMC network, obeying the same rules as the campus provided notebook computers, including but not limited to respect for copyright laws, never probing or attacking other computers, and using bandwidth responsibly.
  6. The machine will need to be brought to the Helpdesk to have the above procedures implemented.

Failure to comply with above requirements will result in the blocking of the said machine from the campus network. The machine is also subject to be blocked if malicious behavior is demonstrated or identified by the said machine.

Date Last Modified: 12/5/2006