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The University of Minnesota, Crookston has been issuing laptop computers to students, faculty, and staff for more than fifteen years. UMC began issuing laptop computers to students and faculty in 1993, making it the first four-year institution in the nation to do so. 

Technology Fee

The U of M, Crookston Technology Advisory Committee recently proposed a restructuring of the current Technology Fee paid by students. The plan has received overwhelming support from various campus constituencies, and the new fee structure will go into effect July 1, 2010. The new fee structure divides the current singular fee known as the Technology Fee into two separate fees in order to present a more understandable approach to the items and uses associated with each fee. The two fees as they will appear on student billing statements will be designated by the well-known term Collegiate Fee and the newly-adopted term Durable Goods Fee. To be clear, this proposal does not increase the amount of the current $500 per semester fee; it breaks that total into two separate $250 fees. The Collegiate Fee will support technology infrastructure, network equipment, printers, classroom technologies, instructional technology innovation, projectors, salaries, and other technology services. The Durable Goods Fee will support the notebook computer lease, the notebook computer gifting program, and other administrative and support services associated with the notebook computer program.


Issuing of laptop computers:

Laptop computers are issued at the beginning of each semester to new and returning students. Students must have six (6) on campus credits to qualify for a UMC issued laptop computer.


Return of laptop computers:

Students withdrawing from UMC are expected to return their university owned laptop computer!

  1. If you have a UMC laptop computer and will not be registering for any classes in the consecutive term, you must return your computer to the Help Desk by 4:30 p.m. on Friday of finals week of the current term. If the computer is not returned by that date, you will automatically be assessed a $50 late fee, and a weekly charge of $31.25 will be assessed.
  2. Students who withdraw at any time during a term must return the computer to the Help Desk as a part of completing the withdrawal process. We will not sign your withdrawal form until the computer is checked in.
  3. Students who drop below six (6) credits during the term must advise the Help Desk of their decision, but will be allowed to keep the computer if they have paid the full technology fee. Fees will be refunded according to the regular fee schedule.



Students who do not comply with this return requirement!

Will be considered to have unauthorized possession of University property, which will have serious consequences. If the student fails to return their University issued laptop computer, we will (as stated above) first charge a late fee, then the weekly charge for up-to six (6) weeks, but thereafter if the computer is not returned, we will bill your account for the fair market value of the laptop computer and any associated late fees.  At that point you will have purchased the computer from the University and will now be the owner of the computer. You will be responsible to pay any charges associated with the computer at the UMC Business Office.


Lost or Stolen Laptop:

Please report a lost or stolen laptop to the Help Desk right away. If your computer was stolen we will also need a copy of your police report. You will be responsible for $500 of the cost of the fair market value of the computer. Although it is not mandatory we do recommend that students have a liability policy for their UMC issued laptop.



Students who graduate from the University of Minnesota, Crookston have the option to take ownership of a campus-issued laptop computer after successfully completing all academic graduation requirements, following the required procedures, and providing a fifty dollar donation to the U of M, Crookston Alumni Association.  The program is specifically intended for graduating students who have consistently participated in the laptop computer program and have paid the full technology fee each term of attendance.  Additional information will be sent to students eligible for graduation.  Questions should be directed to the Computer Help Desk in Kiehle Building.


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