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Chancellor's Office at the University of Minnesota, Crookston

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Chancellor's Office
at the University of Minnesota Crookston

Small Campus. Big Degree.

Here at the University of Minnesota Crookston, we take pride in providing a world-class education in a friendly, close-knit campus setting. Our talented and supportive faculty members not only serve as teachers and facilitators, they also provide the kind of professional advising and mentorship that makes all the difference in your college experience, and our helpful and caring staff members also play an important role in student success. Personal attention and the University of Minnesota brand of excellence are hallmarks of our campus. They are the core essence of what we mean by “Small Campus. Big Degree.”

As chancellor, I encourage you to take an active role in your education and to learn as much as you can about the people and programs here. Opportunities for you to excel can be found at every turn.

Explore your future career as you build knowledge, critical thinking skills, and creativity within your major. Then, take it further through our internship program, where you’ll get real on-the-job experience. Our academic programs emphasize an applied, career-oriented approach to teaching and learning that combines theory, practice, and experimentation. You won’t spend all your time at a desk because our curriculum is designed around experiential learning. You’ll go out and do things as well as learn the theories behind the concepts. You’ll even have opportunities to conduct actual research through our undergraduate research program and to challenge yourself through our honors program.

Develop the vital technology skills employers seek using your campus-issued laptop computer and the applications integrated throughout the curriculum. You might not initially realize what a truly important edge you’ll have by working daily with technology. Employers who hire U of M, Crookston alumni constantly comment on our graduates’ comfort with and knowledge of technology.

Gain global and diverse perspectives as you learn and work with students from more than 30 countries and 40 states. It’s vitally important to develop an understanding of diversity, cultural issues, and international viewpoints. Every day you’ll expand your worldview and develop friendships with people from across the globe. You’ll also want to consider the numerous opportunities to study abroad.

Become a leader. Taking part in a club or organization, a community service or service learning project, or an athletics team provides direct leadership and teambuilding experience. With 40 student organizations and multiple teams participating in Division II athletics, you’ll find many ways to channel your interests and gain valuable experience.

Discovering your passion at the University of Minnesota Crookston will set you on the road to your future. Please know that our focus is on helping you achieve success, whether you are learning on campus or online. Let us know when you have questions and how we can help. As a campus, we all invest in your success, and we all benefit when you reach and exceed your potential.

Whether you are a prospective student, an on-campus student, an online student, a transfer student, a traditional freshman, an older than average student, or a new faculty or staff member, we are here for you. We wish you only the best.


Fred Wood


Contact Information for the Chancellor's Office

Chancellor's Office
107 Selvig Hall
2900 University Ave
Crookston, MN  56716
Phone: 218-281-8343
Fax: 218-281-8040


Fred E. Wood
University of Minnesota, Crookston


Chris Winjum
Assistant to the Chancellor