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Marketing is everywhere. It grabs our attention, influences our preferences, makes us fall in love with brands, and ultimately entices us to spend money. Marketing is an essential business process that manages the flow of products from the point of conception to the point of consumption. Marketers dig into the minds of consumers using psychological and behavioral techniques. Students in the marketing major will learn skills and strategies to help them identify the customers' needs and wants. Students will also study the challenges facing marketers in the global business environment and develop the critical thinking skills needed to be successful.

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Key Features

  • We teach marketing hands-on, which means students actually DO the marketing. Through experiential learning projects, students work with regional businesses to conduct exploratory marketing studies. These projects range from strategic marketing plans addressing the long-term focus of an organization to consumer analysis reports investigating the behavioral trends customer's exhibit.
  • Faculty ENGAGE students through their unique blend of academic knowledge and “real-world” experience. The small class sizes allow professors to successfully share their marketing knowledge and experience.
  • Students USE current technology and techniques in marketing. As a student, you will use the latest statistical data packages and business analytics to help you make informed marketing decisions. 

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The Bachelor of Science in Marketing is a hands-on program designed to give the student a rich marketing experience while in school. We cover diverse topics such as personal selling, advertising, sales promotions, consumer behavior, marketing research, internet marketing, ethics, and strategic marketing. Graduates will be able to take an abstract idea, develop it into a product/service, and execute a long-term marketing strategy. 

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  • Account manager, promotions manager, marketing manager
  • Market research analyst, public relations manager, brand manager
  • Copy writer, event planner, product manager

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