Finance, BS

Finance related functions for organizations are growing increasingly important. Individuals with the ability to understand the markets and how businesses raise and invest capital are highly regarded within businesses and organizations. Finance is a broad term covering such diverse topics as Money and Banking, Investment, Insurance, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Corporate Finance, and Financial Institutions. Organizations need individuals with the knowledge to calculate contemporary financial measures of performance and risk as well as the ability to explain how the financial services component industries interact with each other.

As a graduate of our program, you’ll understand the dimensions of performance and risk relevant to financial services companies; you’ll be able to assess consumer financial needs and the mechanisms available for fulfilling these needs; describe and apply financial concepts, theories, and tools; evaluate the role of technology and the legal, ethical and economic environment as it relates to financial services; and prepare personal financial plans for clients.

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Key Features

  • The University of Minnesota Crookston's degree in Finance is designed to provide students with both the theoretical and the analytical framework required to work effectively in financial institutions.
  • There are many growth opportunities and a wide variety of job possibilities.
  • UMC Finance graduates have excellent communication and technology skills which makes them very marketable.
  • Our finance program is offered on campus and online. We also have an finance minor on campus and online.

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UMC Graduates with the B.S. Finance degree will acquire the skills necessary to participate in managing a financial services company. As an interdisciplinary major, the curriculum also draws heavily from courses in general education, management, marketing, and accounting.

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Graduates from UMC’s major in Finance will have the skills and experience to compete effectively for entry-level employment positions such as

  • financial analysts
  • personal financial advisors
  • actuaries
  • additional positions in securities, commodities, and financial services

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