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The best entrepreneurs are those who possess a solid functional knowledge of the business world, the skills and vision to inspire and motivate others, and the ability to navigate change and persist in the belief of their ideas. The University of Minnesota Crookston can help you strengthen your skills and expand your knowledge base while mentoring your enthusiasm and drive.

Entrepreneurial behavior is increasingly recognized as a critical necessity for growth of the economy—both here in the U.S. and internationally. The primary driver of economic growth is the creation of jobs by small businesses. UMC’s major in Entrepreneurship provides students access to education and training in skills and behaviors related to the recognition of ideas and potential ventures, feasibility evaluation, assembling resources, and launching of new ventures. Entrepreneurship grads add immediate value in any organizational setting, whether starting their own venture or serving an organization as an employee.

The field of entrepreneurship offers considerable career flexibility and opportunity advancement in many areas. A strong entrepreneur has knowledge of business development and finance as well as creativity, innovation, and drive. UMC students receive training and practical experience in entrepreneurship delivered by faculty who excel in mentoring students to their greatest potential. Graduates with a UMC Entrepreneurship major will have the opportunity to advance to positions of leadership and build rewarding careers that create economic and social value, strengthen society, and enhance quality of life on a global scale.

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Key Features

  • As the applied learning campus of the U of M system, UMC hires faculty and staff who work to ensure our graduates can make an immediate contribution to their employer’s efforts. Our faculty mentors, staff advisors, and curriculum help students take control of their career by gaining a sound base of theoretical knowledge and a strong grasp of how to approach problems and opportunities in a fast-changing world.
  • Student exposure to these field-based projects enhances their learning and provides them the opportunity to start developing a network of contacts, further enhancing their options for employment in the region after graduation.

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The underlying quality of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to create and develop sustainable business ideas and adapt to changing conditions. Students will learn and refine a broad range of skills including opportunity recognition, applied creativity, small business finance, and business plan and strategy development.

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  • Small Business Owners and Franchise Managers
  • New Venture Developers
  • E-Commerce Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and Sales Representatives

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