Dates & Deadlines

Financial Aid 101

1) Have you initiated your student account? This is the process where your ID/Password is established for log in procedures. If not, please go to .If you have technical difficulty setting this up, please call 612-301-4357 for assistance.

 2) Please make sure you are checking your U of M email account often, as that is our official means of communication to you. You can check this at the email link located at .

 3) To find out what step you are at in the financial aid process, go to the MY FA STATUS link at often.

 4) Financial Aid will start to disburse into your student account around the first day of spring term and you can access any extra funds if applicable on the first day of classes.

 5) You may want to set up Direct Deposit, so that excess funds can be deposited into your bank account back home. To do so, click on the Direct Deposit link at and follow instructions.

 6) If you are taking more or less than 6 credits each term, please contact the Financial Aid Office ahead of time, so that we can adjust your budget prior to disbursement. Otherwise what may happen is you may have to pay back financial aid that you are not eligible for after the 2nd week of classes.

 7) If you are choosing to apply for a private alternative loan in addition to any federal student loans you’ve been offered, please go through the FASTChoice link at to view some lender options and to  apply. Please keep in mind that these loans typically take 2-3 weeks to process.

 8) If you would like a parent and/or 3rd party to be able to call and get information about your financial aid, please make sure that you’ve completed the Parent Guest Access steps listed below.

Access for parents & guests

You can grant access to your parent or guest in order to share information or pay your bill. There are two different processes for these different goals. NOTE: Must be registered in order to access these links below.

Access to student records

This Parent/Guest Access link at gives any person you choose view-only access to one or more of these six subject areas of your student record. 

Enrollment Summary
Financial Aid Status
Student Account
View Financial Aid Awards

Authorizing view-only access

Log-in to Parent/Guest Access at and read the instructions carefully to start the process.

Financial Aid Officer

If you have specific questions regarding financial aid, you can always contact your FA officer:

Last Name: A-G
Kayla Phalen

Last Name H-O
Mary Feller 218-281-8563

Last Name: P-Z
Ashley (Langevin) Baird 218-281-8561


If you choose to withdraw some or all of your classes after the 100% tuition refund (Refund Schedule and Cancel/Add Approval Requirements) please contact your academic advisor and Financial Aid officer before doing so. Depending on when a class is dropped it may effect your financial aid award as well as your academic standing.  If you do not know who your academic advisor is, please feel free to contact the Center for Adult learning at or 218.281.8680

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