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The bachelor of applied health (B.A.H.) is an integrated four-year baccalaureate degree program delivered via distance education through the web. The program includes a liberal education core curriculum, clinical occupational field, and management component. The applied curriculum combines the knowledge and experiences necessary to provide leadership in the changing health care arena and in entrepreneurial health care settings where clinical expertise is valued.

Program outcomes: graduates will

Program Delivery

This program is available:

Admission Requirements

Students must complete an associate degree in a health care field before enrolling in this degree program.

For information about University of Minnesota admission requirements, visit the Office of Admissions website.

General Requirements

All students are required to complete general University and college requirements. For more information, see the graduation requirements.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 40 upper division credits.

Program Core Requirements
Requirements - 43 credits
GBUS 1005 - Orientation to Online Programs (1.0 cr)
HI 3020 - Introduction to Health Information Systems (3.0 cr)
HSM 3200 - Health Care Leadership and Planning (4.0 cr)
HSM 3230 - Administration of Continuum Care Facilities (3.0 cr)
HSM 3240 - Health Care Policy and Comparative Systems (4.0 cr)
HSM 3250 - Performance Improvement in Health Care (3.0 cr)
HSM 3260 - Risk Management in Health Care (3.0 cr)
HSM 4100 - Health Care Finance (3.0 cr)
HSM 3900 - Internship (1.0-3.0 cr)
HSM 4210 - Health Care Law and Biomedical Ethics (4.0 cr)
HSM 4212 - Regulatory Management (3.0 cr)
MGMT 3210 - Supervision and Leadership (3.0 cr)
MGMT 3220 - Human Resource Management (3.0 cr)
COMM 3008 - Business Writing (3.0 cr)
or COMM 3303 - Writing in Your Profession (3.0 cr)
Liberal Education Requirements
Requirements - 21 credits. Students must take 3 credits of humanities and 3 credits of social sciences in addition to the following specified courses.
COMP 1011 - Composition I [COMMUNICAT] (3.0 cr)
COMP 1013 - Composition II [COMMUNICAT] (3.0 cr)
SPCH 1101 - Public Speaking [COMMUNICAT] (3.0 cr)
MATH 1031 - College Algebra [MATH THINK] (3.0 cr)
or MATH 1150 - Elementary Statistics [MATH THINK] (3.0 cr)
PSY 1001 - General Psychology [HI/BEH/SSC] (3.0 cr)
or SOC 1001 - Introduction to Sociology [HI/BEH/SSC, HUMAN DIV] (3.0 cr)


Technology Requirement
Requirements - 3 credits
Take 3 or more credits(s) from the following:
CA 1xxx


Occupational Course Requirements
Take 38 credits of occupational courses from partner schools, selected in consultation with an adviser.


Science Electives
Students must take 9 credits.


Take 6 credits of open electives. The following courses are required for license as a nursing home administrator: Acct 2101, Acct 2102, HSM 3030, Soc 3937.