Software Engineering, BS

Computer software touches nearly every aspect of our lives and every sector of our economy. If you’re interested in software engineering and computer science theory, but also want to apply that theory to real-world projects, the U of M, Crookston is a perfect choice for you. The immersive visualization and informatics lab gives students a chance to work directly with some of the most advanced visualization and computer graphics available. With a degree in computer software engineering, one of the fastest growing fields, you will be prepared for an exciting and successful career. 


Key Features

  • UMC has developed a lab complex comprised of the Undergraduate Collaborative Learning and Experiential Applied Research (UCLEAR) Lab, which features a series of touch tables and interactive screens for advanced visualization; the Immersive Science and Engineering Experiential (I-SEE) Lab, which features immersive visualization or 3-D technologies; and the Undergraduate Comprehensive Learning and Simultaneous Showing (UCLASS) classroom, which features multiple projection screens. These facilities allow students to work with applications across many disciplines including software engineering, the physical and biological sciences, agriculture and natural resources, geospatial mapping, and others.
  • The Crookston campus is the only campus within the University of Minnesota system to offer an undergraduate degree in software engineering
  • You’ll be issued a powerful notebook computer, an important tool that makes every room a potential computer lab, and you’ll work with numerous software programs and tools
  • UMC has academic initiatives with Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM, providing access to leading industry software free of charge and the chance to work with that software directly 

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As technology penetrates every sector of the economy, software demands are becoming increasingly complex. This need sparked the evolution of a relatively new area of study, software engineering.

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  • Computer software engineer, application software designer
  • Network and computer systems administrator
  • Computer support specialist

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