Health Management Student Stories

UMC Health Management Student Stories - Joe Stearly
Joe Stearly, BS. Health Management (2013)

"The University of Minnesota Crookston Healthcare Management program fostered my knowledge and professional development allowing me to excel at the next level of healthcare education.  I currently attend the University of Minnesota Twin Cities for their Masters of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree, which is consistently ranked one of the best programs in the nation.  I hold a strong interest in Strategic Planning and Process Improvement within the healthcare system. Crookston’s Health Management program has helped me develop a great understanding of today’s healthcare and the future to come. Crookston’s classes are different than any other courses I’ve taken in the past. The professors make the classroom experience very interactive, which allows for professional teamwork development. The curriculum covered by UMC aligns directly with the materials I’m learning today.  Also whenever I had a question about the course materials, the professors were easily accessible in person, by email, or by telephone. Without my educational experiences and the well known reputation of the University of Minnesota degree, I wouldn't be in the position I am today."