Environmental Sciences Emphasis Areas

UMC Environmental Sciences Agricultural Environmental Stewardship Emphasis Famer Spraying FieldAgricultural Environmental Stewardship Emphasis

Understand the fate of chemicals in the environment and the impact agriculture can have on the fate and transport of chemicals in the environment.


UMC Environmental Sciences Environmental Ecology Emphasis Bear with SalmonEnvironmental Ecology Emphasis

Get an ecological perspective on the relationships and interdependence of organisms in terrestrial and aquatic habitats.


UMC Environmental Sciences Environmental Health Emphasis House next to Nuclear PlantEnvironmental Health Emphasis

Understand how environmental or occupational factors (physical, chemical, and biological) interact with the human body causing an adverse impact on human health or the ecological balances essential to long-term health.


UMC Environmental Sciences Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Emphasis Toxicologist Sampling and Infected AreaEnvironmental Toxicology and Chemistry Emphasis

Understand the impacts of environmental contaminants on the plants and animals of a region.



UMC Environmental Sciences Individualized Environmental Sciences Emphasis Student Holding ExperiementIndividualized Environmental Sciences Emphasis

Work out an individual plan of study with your academic advisor to prepare you for any aspect of environmental sciences that may not be covered by one of the existing emphasis areas.


UMC Environmental Sciences Water Quality Emphasis Scientist Taking Water SampleWater Quality Emphasis

Understand water movement in terrestrial and aquatic systems and how it impacts pollutant movement.