Biology, BS

Ask questions, make observations, evaluate evidence, and solve problems through coursework, an internship, and research projects in Biology. With our experiential, technology-driven approach, you’ll gain a broad understanding of the biological sciences as well as the applied skills needed to succeed in the sciences, whether that leads you to the biotech industries or to graduate school and/or professional school.

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Key Features

  • Field trips and small-sized labs allow for a great deal of hands-on experience.
  • Most of our courses and labs are taught by professors with a doctorate who are focused primarily on student education.
  • Faculty involve undergraduate students in research projects on a regular basis, either through our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) grants or outside funding.

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The B.S. in biology provides students with a broad knowledge of the biological sciences while introducing them to the practical skills needed in today's biotech industries and the background required to be successful applicants to graduate programs. Students may choose from advanced courses designed to emphasize studies in either animal or plant systems while participating in a common core of courses which provide knowledge in the basic principles relevant to both areas.

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  • Research, research assistant, educator
  • Health care, environmental and conservation management
  • Continue on to graduate school and/or professional school

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