Elementary Education, BS

The B.S. degree in elementary education is a career-oriented program that prepares students to be effective teachers of children from Kindergarten through grade six. Graduates of this teacher education program design, implement, and evaluate developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children in elementary education classrooms. They are prepared to work collaboratively with families and in the community.


Key Features

  • Hands-on experiences - The Elementary Education program requires numerous experiences in actual elementary classrooms in the local schools. Students implement assignments in which they interact, observe, tutor and teach children as part of their courses. Students complete two student teaching placements during their senior year.
  • Full-time faculty instructors and advisors - UMC’s Elementary Education students are taught, advised and mentored by full-time Education faculty.
  • Students are taught to use a variety of research-based instructional strategies as well as multiple performance-based assessment practices.
  • All students must complete a Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) which is a nationally recognized assessment of readiness to teach. 

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The Elementary Education program is built around the teacher education standards approved by the Minnesota Board of Teaching. The major has three academic core areas of required coursework- education core, family core, and elementary curriculum methods core. With a degree in Elementary Education you can easily double major in Early Childhood Education as well.

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  • Elementary Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

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