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The coaching minor develops future coaches by teaching current theories and practices in coaching and with practical experience through the coaching practicum. This helps to prepare students for coaching at the youth, elementary, high school, college, or even professional levels. The minor can be taken by students in any major and has a requirement of 18 credits.

Since 1997, Minnesota has not required a teaching or coaching license to coach high school athletics. The coaching minor helps train and develop future coaches in the areas of practice planning, skill development, and coaching strategies in their sport of interest. In addition, it gives those students interested in coaching more marketability for coaching positions.

Any student, regardless of major, can earn a coaching minor.

Program Delivery

This program is available:

Minor Requirements

Program Core Requirements
BIOL 2103 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4.0 cr)
SRM 2000 - Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (3.0 cr)
SRM 2100 - Psychology of Sport (3.0 cr)
SRM 3001 - Sports Nutrition (3.0 cr)
SRM 2010 - Topics in Coaching (2.0 cr)
SRM 3020 - Coaching Practicum (1.0 cr)
SRM 3320 - Exercise Physiology (3.0 cr)