Horticulture Emphasis Areas

Environmental Landscaping

UMC Environmental Landscaping StudentsEnvironmental landscaping includes courses in landscape design, planning and development of residential and commercial landscapes, and plant science. Reducing impact on the environment and sustainability are a major focus as well as appropriate use of plants and proper installation and management of landscape features. Many students include business courses in their elective curriculum to prepare them for all aspects of the industry. Graduates are prepared to be a landscape designer, installer, or contractor. They may also choose landscape supply sales, nursery management, land reclamation, or garden center management.

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Production Horticulture

UMC Production Horticulture PlantsProduction horticulture concentrates on crops produced in greenhouses and nurseries. Students experience plant propagation, identification of herbaceous plants, cultivation of indoor and outdoor plants, and floral design. In greenhouse production courses, students produce crops that are sold to industry. Graduates are employed as greenhouse or nursery growers, garden center managers, garden designers, floral designers, and floriculture extension specialists. Faculty work with students to develop a plan of study tailored to the individual. 

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