Equine Science Emphasis Areas

Equine Science Emphasis

UMC Equine Science Emphais Arena PhotoThe equine science emphasis leads graduates to equine careers including management, training/showing, riding instruction, breeding/reproduction, feed production/sales, sales of equestrian equipment or pharmaceutical/health care products, and veterinary technician.

This emphasis features a more broad equine science degree that allows students to pursue many different career paths within the equine industry by allowing students to choose electives.


Pre-Veterinary Medicine

UMC Equine Science Pre Vet Emphasis PhotoEquine science graduates with the pre-veterinary medicine emphasis are well prepared to pursue their career goal of becoming a veterinarian and have a high acceptance rate among colleges of veterinary medicine.

This emphasis meets the course entry requirements for admission to the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine (which provides high-quality education, conducts leading-edge research, and delivers innovative veterinary services); however, similar entry requirements among colleges of veterinary medicine, coupled with sufficient flexibility within the curriculum, allow graduates to meet the admission requirements for many other institutions.*

* Admission to veterinary schools is competitive. Specific admission requirements, including courses and experiences, vary by professional program and institution. Completion of the BS degree does not guarantee admission to veterinary school at the University of Minnesota or other universities.