Would you like to donate or lease a horse or other equipment and supplies to the Equine Science Program? There are many benefits!

Benefits to donating a horse or other equipment and supplies

Horses donated to the University of Minnesota Crookston are excepted to have the ability to go right into UMC’s lesson program. Lessons are conducted 5 days a week with each horse being used 3-5 times per week on average. UMC does not accept horses with intention of selling them, however, if we feel the horse cannot meet the demands of our program, the horse may be sold or donated to an approved home with the donor having the first buy back option.

Type of horse desired

If you are interested in donating your horse please complete the Prospective Horse Donation Application PDF Icon. This form may be printed and mailed or you may include it as an attachment via email. If it is possible, please include photos and/or videos of your horse as well. This will help us to determine if your horse is suitable for our program at this time. Thank you for considering the University of Minnesota Crookston as a possible new home for your horse!

For more information about donating a horse or other equipment and supplies to the program contact: 

Harouna Maiga
Head, Agriculture Department





Donation Thank Yous!! 

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude towards those who have donated horses to us...

Milstan's Stables - S.D. Sahlstrom - St. Cloud, MN
Lucinda Demarais - Red Lake Falls, MN
Chris Holland - Oxbow, ND
Richard and Pam Maygra - Crookston, MN
Richard Pals - Alexander, IA
Del and Judy Roelofs - Erskine, MN
Margaret Drury - Clarks Grove, MN
William and Nancy Zats - Plymouth, MN
Dr. S.D. Sahlstrom - St. Cloud, MN
Maureen Murphy - Long Lake, MN
Eugene and MaryAnne Dietz - Farmington, MN
Georgia Orton - Elkhorn, NE
Eric and Kandee Johnson - Red Lake Falls, MN
James Sterriker - Excelsior, MN
Marjorie Berendt - Cannon Falls, MN
Michelle Wilcox King - Medina, MN
Jeffery Field - Las Vegas, NV
Eugene Scarberry - Fargo, ND
Charles Horowitz - Plymouth, MN
Austin Scholl - Bismarck, ND