Alvin Tong '12 - Aviation Profile

Alvin TongEmphasis Areas
Business Aviation & Natural Resources Aviation

What do you like best about the unique benefits and exceptional opportunities that you have found in studying aviation at the University of Minnesota, Crookston?
I like the small-sized classes at UMC and the instructors’ willingness to help me when I encounter any problems. Being on a small campus, I feel like I am a part of a “family” because I not only get to know people, I've also made lots of friends. The people on campus are very friendly and open to other races. The teaching staff are willing to help find job opportunities and internship positions for students to gain valuable working experience. They will also help search for relevant scholarships for students who are facing certain financial difficulties. These gestures from the UMC teaching staff are uncommon at bigger universities. 

What drives you to study this field?
It has always been my long-term dream and ambition to be a pilot. I guess it was because I started traveling overseas at a really young age and that sort of got me hooked on the sensation of being in the sky. 

What career goals do you have? And how are you being prepared for your career through classroom, hands-on and high-tech experiences?
I previously thought of joining a commercial airline company just so I could fly huge jet planes, but after reading through some aviation magazines and online aviation forums, I've decided that being a corporate pilot is my career goal.

I have been searching online for information related to my career goal while trying to come up with a good resume working with the Career and Counseling Center. I have been meeting with my advisor to discuss my career goals.

Why would you recommend that others study aviation at the U of M, Crookston?
I would recommend others study aviation at UMC because the school fees are less expensive, the teaching faculty and staff are willing to help students, the facilities are great, and the classroom size is small, which allows more student-teacher interaction. Choosing to come to UMC for my aviation major was a choice I will never regret.