Aviation FAQ's

Q: What are the costs involved? Are they different for students who are not residents of Minnesota or for international students?
A: The University of Minnesota, Crookston offers Minnesota residents and non-residents alike the same per-credit tuition fee. Additional flight training expenses are incurred on a course-by-course basis. For current costs, please see the following:

2014-2015 Projected Individual Flight Training Costs PDF Icon


Q: Is there assistance to help me pay for the additional flight training expenses?
A: Yes! There are financial aid options and scholarships available. If you have questions about how to fund these additional expenses, we invite you to visit with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at 1-800-862-6466 or check out aviation scholarship database.


Q: If I already have a Private Pilot certificate, do I need to retake the Private Pilot ground school and flight courses?
A: University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) is proud to partner with the University of North Dakota Aerospace Foundation (UNDAF) to provide a professional, FAR Part 141, collegiate-level flight training experience. Our graduates possess a high level of aviation knowledge and skills and this transfer policy reflects rigorous program standard as well as conforming to the policies and regulations from UMC, UNDAF, and the FAA. To ensure that UMC/UNDAF graduates continue to meet program completion standards, we require that all ground and flight courses beyond the Private Pilot level be completed in their entirety through the UMC/UNDAF training program. For those students wishing to receive credit for Private Pilot ground school (AVIA 1103 – Introduction to Aviation) and Private Pilot flight rating (AVIA 1104 – Introduction to Aviation Flight Lab) because of previous experience, please see the following:

Aviation Course Transfer Policy


Q: How soon can I expect to be in the air?
A: Students will sign up for flight training at registration, and we encourage them to start flying their first week at UMC!


Q: I don’t really want a bachelor’s degree, I just want to learn how to fly! Can UMC provide flight training without all the other coursework?
A: Sorry, but our aviation program is for degree-seeking students only. However, we do accommodate students in other majors who want to get their pilot’s license. 

Q: What is the job outlook?
A: Recent graduates of the UMC Aviation Program have found employment with North Dakota Game and Fish, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and several independent aerial applicator companies. This is an exciting time for students seeking a career in agricultural, law enforcement, or natural resources aviation as older pilots are retiring and government agencies and agricultural applicators look to replenish their workforce.